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The Municipality has undergone during the last four years term
(06-1998 till 06-2002), the following projects:

Due to the vital role of water in improving life standards, the Municipality has dealt with the water issues and problems as priority. In this direction, it has achieved the following works:

- Collecting the water at source-1 (the oldest) and source-3 (Nabeh el Metni).
- Finding new water resources near source one that has never been exploited before. A room including a small reservoir has been built to store and exploit this new quantity.
- Replacing the old 1inch pipes from source-1 to source-2 by a 3 inches pipes, in order to increase the water inflow.
- Strengthening the source-2, which is very important, to benefit from the new water inflow, before dragging the water to the village reservoirs.
- Installing a new polyethylene pipes with a length of 2400mtr and a diameter of 75mm, from source-2 to the village reservoirs, thus increasing the old inflow from barely 4,5 inches to 8 inches actually. 
- Renovating and replacing all pipes within the village, whenever the need arise.
- To secure a permanent and lasting water resources, a well has been digged, with the help of the Embassy of Japan in Lebanon. 
- Total cost for these projects is: 40,650,000 L.L. (including 25,5 million L.L. the cost and installation of the new polyethylene pipe).
- Total cost of the Japanese donation to cover the cost of the well is: 33610$ (the equivalent of 50,410,000 L.L).
n.b. all water works are being implemented after consultation, advises and instructions of water specialists.

For the first time in the village history, a water filtration room has been implemented with the help of the Pontifical Mission in Lebanon. The Municipality, as part of its contribution in this vital project, has built on a piece of land offered by Mr. Zouhair Hosneldine, the premises that accommodate the filters.

- Total cost of this project is: 11,900,000 L.L. (including all necessary new pipe connections and building cost).
- Total donation of the Pontifical Mission contribution is: 36000$ (the equivalent of 54,000,000 L.L.).
n.b. the filtration capacity is three times the actual village need.

Due to a population growth rate, it has become a must to increase the old water storage capacity of 85 m³ to at least 160 m³, in order to cover the normal village needs. In 1999 the Municipality has added 10 new reservoirs with a capacity of 4000 liters each, thus increasing the storage facility by 40000 liters (or 50% of the old capacity). In 2001, 10 new reservoirs with the same capacity have been added. The actual storage facility accommodates 165 m³. The new reservoirs have been placed on a cement ground to protect them from wearing on a piece of land offered by Mr. Khaled Hosneldine.
- Total cost of these projects is: 11,390,000 L.L. (including all new pipe connection, cement works and other needed costs).

In its plan to enlarge some interior roads and to increase people safety, sustainable walls and road works were implemented in a bid to increase public safety and parking facilities. A Roundabout was newly implemented at the east entrance of Haret el Fawka. Works were implemented in the following locations:
The Community Hall or commonly known as “Dar El Balda”. (Length: 100m, with necessary land offered by Mr. Aref Abed + 30m in stones).
The new Roundabout (Length 40m in stones, with necessary land offered by Mr. Wajdi Selman)
The new Municipality building (length: 25m in stones).
The PTT building (Length: 30 m).
Al Midane road – near Abed home - (Length: 25m in stones).
Al Marahat road - near Jamil Raidan home - (Length: 25m).
Al Rahal road – near Wahib Raidan home - (Length: 30m).
The main road – near Sareildine home- (Length: 15m in stones).
The main road – Ain Merched – (Length : 20m). 
Butmeh road (Length 30m in stones).
Parking facility at the north entrance of the village, with nearby a garden – near Sarkis home- (Length 60m).
- Total cost for these projects is: 71,825,000 L.L.

The above project was completed with the installment of all needed safety road signs, directions and mirrors, in order to increase safety awareness and decrease road accidents.
- Total cost for this project is: 11,625,000 L.L.

In order to increase public safety on the main road, surrounded by buildings, sidewalks were implemented with a length of 1200m, the installment of a road barrier (Ain Merched) and the cover of a water canal (El Kasr Bakery).
- Total cost of this project is: 144,000,000 L.L.

In a bid to preserve the authenticity of the village, all interior sidewalk (stairs) were covered by cobbled stones, which enlightened a traditional look.
- Total cost for this project is: 35,750,000 L.L.

In a bid to reduce the transportation cost, the Municipality has decided to purchase a dump truck used for all purposes.
- Total cost for this purchase is: 10500$ (With 2500$ donated by Mr. Nabil Khoury) (the equivalent of 15,750,000 L.L.).
- Another donation of 2500$ was offered by Mr. Atef Zahnan as the total cost of a new motorcycle, for the use of the Police Officer (the equivalent of 3,750,000 L.L.).

Due to the non-existence of a Municipality building, the actual Municipality board decided to engage its efforts to build a Municipal Hall Building, that respects the Lebanese construction traditions and reflects the positive image of Moukhtara. It has been equipped with all necessary equipments (internet access + computers and all related accessories + photocopy + modern furniture, etc). 
- Total cost of this new project is: 125,000,000 L.L. (excluding the cost of land, which was offered by Mr. Walid Joumblatt, while the building construction cost were covered by Mr. George Chicri Ashi “50000$” and Chouf Deputy, Mr. Nehme Tohme “10000$”. The rest was covered by Mr. Joumblatt and the Municipality.
- Total cost for furniture and equipments is: 13500$ or its equivalent in L.L. 20,250,000 (covered by Chouf Deputy, Mr. Nehme Tohme “7800$”, Camil Chicri Ashi “3500$” for the web page and computers and the Moukhtara Municipality “2500$”.)

In a bid to secure self-reliance, the Municipality decided to buy all necessary equipments for its use and the use of the people (sprayer, pump, grass cutter, olive cutter, mechanical saw, etc).
- Total cost for these purchases is: 7,800,000 L.L.

In a bid to create new employments, the Municipality decided to favor the citizen of the village, mainly the young and unemployed.
- Total payments that benefited people of Moukhtara amount to: 52,429,000 L.L.

In a bid to participate in the economical progress of the region, the municipality decided to buy all its needs from the area.
- Total purchases from the region amount to: 53,779,000 L.L. 

Upon the will and instructions of Mr. Walid Joumblatt, to secure a multi-social, sport and entertainment center, the idea of the MOUKHTARA CLUB-HOUSE, was born, as a regional center serving all the neighboring villages.
The first phase of the center (building 1) which was built in 9 months, consists of the following,
The ground floor: A polyvalent room (used for ping-pong, baby foot and/or seminars and conferences).
The first floor: A public library, a billiard room and the computer/internet room.
The second floor: A cafeteria, a seating room and a television room.
The second phase of the center (building 2) which was built in 2 months, consists of the following,
The ground floor: Will be used as the new polyvalent/game room, as plans are underway to transform the old polyvalent room (building 1) into a permanent movie/auditorium/seminar space, completely equipped to host such activities.
The first floor: The fitness and body-building space.
And to complete the sport activities, the basket-ball/volley-ball stadium, that meets international standards.
- Total cost of the project (phase 1 + 2) amount to: 320,000,000 L.L.
Cost of building (phase 1): 140,000,000 L.L. covered by Mr. Walid Joumblatt and Mr. Nehme Tohme (50000$).
Cost of new building + stadium (phase 2): 60,000,000 L.L. covered by Banque Mediterannée, BBAC, Negib Abu Hamze, UNDP.
Cost of equipment and furniture: 120,000,000 L.L. covered by Messrs. Walid Joumblatt, George & Camil Chicri Ashi, Nehme Tohme, Uniceramic, Nada Mineral Water, Nestle, Kh. Fattal, UNDP and others.

To renovate the water irrigation canals and the Butmeh valley main dam.
Total cost of the project is: 120,000,000 L.L.

Total amount of projects executed: 1,150,308,000 L.L.

Total amount secured as donations (from outside the municipality budget):
930,735,000 L.L.

Projects we intend to implement in the remaining term:

- To build a cement water reservoir with a capacity of 400m³.
- To transform an old building into an authentic village auberge.
- To build a basket/volley-ball ground.
- To enlarge the central place of Moukhtara.
- To renovate water canals inside the village.
- To renovate the old sewage pipes and to add new ones.
- To establish a sewage treatment facility.
- To finish some other smaller projects.

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