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Kamal Joumblatt in lines

Born in Moukhtara - Chouf
on the 6th of December 1917

With courtesy of the PSP

- His father Fouad Joumblatt, director of the Chouf Aras, was assassinated on the 6th of August 1931.

- His mother, Nazira joumblatt, after the death of her husband, played a very important political role for over a quarter of a century.

- In 1936, he joined the Lazarus Fathers institute in Aintoura where he completed his elementary studies in1928; achieved his high school diploma, Lebanese & French, scientific & literary at the high school 1936; and his philosophy diploma in 1937.

- In France, he joined the faculty of Arts at the Sorbonne University . and achieved a degree in Psychology & Civil Education, and another degree in Sociology.

- In 1939, he returned to Lebanon after the out break of World War II where he continued his studies at St. Joseph University , and achieved his law degree in 1945.

- He practiced law from 1941 to 1942 and was designated then as the Official State Lawyer for the Lebanese Government.

- In 1943 he appeared on the Political Scene after the death of his relative Hikmat Joumblatt.

- In September 1943 he was elected as deputy for Mount Lebanon for the 1st time. During that period, he was an opponent of the reigning constitutional bloc party, headed by the late presided Bishara El Khoury.

- In 1946, he was appointed as Minister of Economy, Agriculture & Social Affairs.

- He played a major role in the creation of the Lebanese Social Movement.

- In 1947 and in spite of his election for the 2nd time as deputy he resigned from the government protesting against the fraudulence during the elections.

- He protested against the oppression and corruption during Bishara EL Khoury's reign and was the most outstanding leader among those founding the "National Socialist". Kamal Joumblatt was an adamant defender of intellectual and political freedom.

- On the 1st of May 1948, he married May, daughter of Prince Shakib Arslan. Their only son, Walid, was born on the 7th of august 1949. He officially founded the Progressive Socialist Party on March 17th 1949 and declared its constitution on May 1st 1949.

- In the name of the Social Progressive Party, he called for the 1st convention of the Arab Socialist Parties, that was held in Beirut in May 1951.

- In 1951, he was reelected for the 3rd time as Mount Lebanon's Deputy.

- In 1952 he represented Lebanon at the Cultural Freedom Conference, held in Switzerland.

- In August 1952, he organized a National Conference at Deir EL Kamar, in the name of the national Socialist Front, calling for the resignation of President Bishara El Khoury. He then led a democratic fight that resulted in Bishara El Khoury's resignation in that same year.

- In 1953 he was reelected as a deputy for the 4th time.

- He founded the popular Socialist Front in 1953 and led the democratic opposition against Camille Chamoun. Chamoun had tied Lebanon to the policies of the USA, GB, Monarchist Iraq, Turkey Pakistan imperialist coalitions that was against the Arab Liberation trend headed by Jamal Abed el Nasser.

- He participated in the conference of the Arab opposition parties parties, held in Beirut in 1954.

- He supported the struggle against tripartite aggression in 1956, and was one of Nasser's permanent allies.

- In 1956, he failed for the first time in the parliamentary elections due to the falsification of his results by the authorities.

- He led the national uprising of 1958 politically and militarily, against the reign of Camille Chamoun, who had tied Lebanon to the afore-mentioned imperialist coalition. The uprising ended with a settlement by which Fouad Shehab was appointed as new President.

- He chaired the "Afro-Asian People's Conference " in 1960.

- In 1960, he was reelected as deputy for the 5th time & the "National Struggle Front" won 11 seats at the parliament.

- From 1960 he was Minister of National Education.

- In 1961 he was Minister of Work & Planning.

- From 1961 to 1964 he was Minister of Interior Affairs.

- On the 8th of May 1964, he won at the parliamentary elections for the 6th time.

- In 1965, he placed the foundations of the Progressive Parties and forces, and Nationalist Personalities Front.

- In 1966 he was assigned as Minister of Public Work and Minister of PTT.

- He represented Lebanon at the Congress of Afro-Asian Solidarity, and of China in 1966.

- He supported the National Palestinian cause and backed - up its struggle. He regarded it as the main national issue.

- On the 9th of May 1968 he was reelected as a deputy for the seventh time.

- From 1969 to 1970, he was Minster of interior affairs.

- In 1972, he was awarded "Lenin's Peace Decoration".

- He was reelected as deputy for the eighth time, in 1972.

- He was chairman of the "Arab commission for Nasser's Commemoration", in 1973.

- In 1973, he was unanimously elected as Secretary General of the Arab Front, that was contributing to the Palestinian revolution.

- In 1975 - 1976, he confronted the Israeli isolationist conspiracy against Lebanon. He founded and lad, till the day of his assassination. The "Lebanese National Movement".

- In august 1975, he declared the program for the democratic reform of the Lebanese Political System.

- He wrote more then 1200 editorials in both Arabic and French.

- He held hundreds of press conferences and delivered hundreds of political speeches in international, regional and local conferences, and in the Lebanese Parliament.

- He enriched the Arab and Worldwide library by his political, philosophical and literary work; 25 of his books and manuscript have been published so far, while remain unpublished yet.

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