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Many events are held yearly in Moukhtara...

The 16th of March. The remembrance day of the assassination of the defunct Kamal Bek Jumblat, whereby partisans and people from all parts of the country, visit Moukhtara to depose a flower on the martyr family tomb, as a sign of loyalty and respect (visitors are numbered in thousands).

The 1st of May. The declaration of the constitution of the Progressive Socialist Party, by its founder, the defunct Kamal Bek Jumblat, in 1949, whereby partisans of the party hold a rally of support in Moukhtara (the official estimation of the 1999 rally participation, was around 50000 persons). To know more about the Progressive party, you can visit the party site at

The First of May

The Eid el Adha el Moubarak, whereby the whole village gather at a lunch reception in the Druze wakf place.

The Eid al Saydeh (15th of August), whereby the whole village gather at a dinner reception in the Church place

Sports tournaments are normally held during the months of August-September, gathering the young’s of all neighboring villages.

Cultural events will be revived with the new opening of the Moukhtara Club House.

Traditional other events (such as weddings, party rally, etc…) are held regularly, and are an occasion for a nice gathering.

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