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Existing families:

Joumblatt, Ashi, Hosn el Dine, Tohme, Rasbey, Rabamad, Kanso, Atieh, Abed, Nassif, El Orm, Sarkis, Dbaisy, Semaan, Breik, Gebrane, Selman, Nasrallah, Zahnan, Khoury, Shwei Shwei, Saad, Ghannam, Rizk, Sabbagh, Merhejj, Raidan, Rizkallah, Bou Hossein, Gebrane, Sabbak, Kahwagi, Lteif, Shweikh Al-Atrache and Sarieldine.

One of the characteristics of the village, is the existence of several druze families,compared with other villages of the area, where only two or three family exist. This is due to the fact, that some of these families came to Moukhtara to work with the Joumblat family and they have remained, ever since in the village.

A view of Moukhtara

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