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Little Alleys
Druze Majlis
Nabeh Merched

Take a ride in MOUKHTARA's little alleys
Enjoy the scenery!

General view of Moukhtara, as seen from a neighboring village
An old house neighboring an olive tree One of the little roads
The house near the church.... Another little alley....
The little roads between the houses make of Moukhtara a very beautiful and calm place to live....
Architectural detail of the corner Entrance to the village
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Some of the many old typical Lebanese houses, in Moukhtara
The two Churches of Moukhtara
'Al Saydeh' Catholic church
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The Maronite  'Al Saydeh' church
The new Druze Majlis under construction
Challalat Nabeh Merched
The refreshing Water fall inside the Restaurant of Nabeh Merched
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