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Moukhtara is located about 50km south-east of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon and 29 Km from the coastal city of Damour, at an altitude of 850 meters from sea level.
North latitude: 33 39
East longitude: 35 36

It is also, at the crossroad of many other villages of the upper Chouf area (Jdeideh "Bekaata", Butmeh, Maaser el Chouf, Ain Qani, Mresti, Jebaa, Haret Jandal, Jeblay, Baazaran, Bater, Amatour, Khreibe, Niha, Jezzine, etc...). Its strategic location in the upper Chouf area makes it a necessary passage from the Chouf to the Bekaa valley, through Kefraya.


The arabic meaning of the name is "The chosen".

The origin of the name, is however, attributed to three sources:

The first source claims, that the name was attributed after the passage during the crusade time (around year 1000) of a certain Baron Moohtar, which became later Moukhtara. It is also said that the actual Joumblatt Palace is built on the remains of a crusade castle.

The second source claims, that the name was attributed during the Fatimides time (around year 1000, as well), since they use to add "al" to every village or city name.
Al Moukhtara, Al Kahira (Cairo), etc…

The third source and the most probable, claims, that the name is very old and simply means "The Chosen aestivate village".
Besides, it is good to mention that there is also a city in the south of Iraq, with the same name. This city was very famous, since it was the one that witnessed the first freedom revolt of the slaves of the area.

General information:

Its size is 330 Hectares (3.300.000 square meters).

Its population number is estimated at, 4400 inhabitants.

Its weather is very mild during summer and spring seasons and acceptable, during winter and autumn seasons.

The average yearly temperature is 14.7C
Maximum registered temperature, is during June, is 33.3C.
Normal temperature during July/August, is between 15.8C and 30.6C.
Normal temperature during January/February, is between -0.5C
and 8.8C.

The normal yearly rain precipitation (pluviometer) is:
1170 mm.

Moukhtara is very rich in water, benefiting from the Barouk and Wadi el Maa’ resources, which give the way for two rivers that meet in the village valley, known as Birket al Arous and Bir el Blat.


In Moukhtara there is a public school, attended by many students of the neighboring villages. A telephone central switch for the area, a public clinic and a cultural and sports club.

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The public school of Moukhtara

Also, the municipality exists since 1924 (the oldest tangible proof). The members of the municipality board are 9, including the President.

The actual board is formed as below:

  • Roger George Ashi. President.

  • Rafic Rasbey. Vice President.

  • Raja Rabamad, Nabih Kanso, Bishara Sarkis, Omar Abed, Ramzi Nassif & Fawzat El Orm Members.

The Moukhtar of the village is: Khaled Hosneldine.

The municipality of Moukhtara


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