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Letter of the Mayor,

   This home page is actually designed to give a general information package on Moukhtara, a village we are proud to be part of. However, we invite every person to come and visit Moukhtara , to sense the hospitality and enjoy the warm welcome of its people.
   In order to make Moukhtara a better living place, we have undergone many vital development projects such as the "Moukhtara Club House" whereby everybody (younger and older) can spend a nice time in a multi-cultural and sport space. Another project will be implemented in the very near future, and that is the Auberge we intend to secure, in order to offer a sleeping facility within reach. Therefore, we will not spare any effort to secure the people needs and to listen to their demands. Other vital projects are thought, mainly to install a sewage treatment plant and the enlargement of the central place of Moukhtara. We hope to implement them in the future, whenever the necessary funds are available.

   My special thanks goes to all those who supported us in the past and we look forward to receive their continuous support and from others in the future. (A list of donors is enclosed in the achievements and partners page). To that end, we invite every person from or from outside Moukhtara, to join hands with the Municipality efforts, with the hope of achieving our goal of transforming Moukhtara into a model village.

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