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Touristic places:

Moukhtara itself, is a nice and authentic village to visit, whereby, most of the houses are made by stones, interior roads are tight and old, and stairs with a water canal, are often a nice passage between the houses. A major facelift is actually underway, undertaken by Walid Joumblatt and the Municipality, in order to transform Moukhtara, into an exemplary village, totally respecting Lebanese traditions.

One of the ancient traditional windows One of the renovated old roads

The dominant color is green, due to the planting of trees in every corner and in every parcel. There is one public garden and plans are underway, in order to implement a second one. Besides, two rivers meet in the valley of Moukhtara. Surrounded by a natural environment and trees, the river remains one of the favorite natural places, in the area, appreciated by both the residents and the visitors.

Also, there is a very nice and famous restaurant "Chalalat Nabeh Merched", that serve very good meals, in a remarkable nice natural site, where lunch or dinner could be served at the feet of a water cascade. Many people, both local or foreigners, in search of a place whereby they can enjoy the taste of a good meal and spend an enjoyable time, visit it.

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Restaurant "Chalalat Nabeh Merched"

However, the mostly visited place in Moukhtara, is still the "Joumblatt Family Palace", commonly known as the "Dar al Moukhtara", due to the open door policy of the Joumblatt family, who welcome all the visitors, with a warm cup of Arabic coffee (the Lebanese tradition of warm welcome). Visitors can enjoy the unique beauty and architecture of the palace site whereby construction started some 300 years ago. It is also reputed to have unique stone works, engraved on many fronts.

General view of the Palace The palace entrance

Due to its strategic location in the upper Chouf, Moukhtara becomes the necessary passage to many villages.

From one side, Moukhtara, is only 15 minutes from the largest natural reserve in Lebanon. Al Shouf Cedar Reserve covers 5 per cent of the entire country, stretching over 50.000 hectares and including 6 cedar forests. It contains the largest antique cedar tree forest, famously known as Cedrus libani, stated in the bible and other historical books, as they have been used in the building of several temples of the antique world, such as the Salomon Temple and contributed in the expansion of the Phoenicians, throughout the world, having at that time the largest sea vessels constructed entirely with cedar wood. To know more about this reserve you can check the following web site:

Also, the nearby town of Niha, have two attractions, the first one and the mostly visited, is Makam El Nabi Ayoub "Prophet Job" (a holly site for the Druze community), and the second one is an old fortress. Besides, every village of the upper-Chouf area has a characteristic of its own.

From another side, Moukhtara is only 12 Km (13 minutes) from Deir El Kamar (very rich in history as well and architecture) (you can visit the Deir El Kamar site on and 6 Km (7 minutes) from the Beiteddine Palace (built in the pure Italo/Lebanese architectural spirit), constructed some 300 years ago. Surprisingly, it is still very well maintained, due to the relentless efforts and generosity of Walid Joumblatt, who has personally supervised the renovation and maintenance work, during the last 15 years, which saved the palace from ruining during the years of war and which will certainly stretch its live span.

View of the central Place of Deir El Kamar
The Beiteddine Palace, where the Beiteddine Festival is held yearly

Beside, the Beiteddine Festival, held yearly in the palace courts, revive its magical night charm. The famous festival is organized by Mrs. Joumblatt and attract a high audience - coming from all parts of Lebanon and from abroad - who have the chance to attend musical and cultural nights (during one month) performed by very well known and reputed international singers and groups. The festival was awarded international prizes for its success, serious organization and diversity.
To know more about this festival you can visit the Beiteddine site at:

As such, Moukhtara is located in a region where a tourist can enjoy a nice stay, benefiting from the various attractions that exist in the area.

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